• Culture & Lifestyle

    Not the job for me?

    Oct 09 2015 224
    Both men and women in Uganda are venturing into professions that were formerly taboo It used to be easy to define jobs in Uganda along gender lines. Read More
  • Technology
    Young entrepreneurs who are lucky enough to qualify for this yearly programme will find themselves a new friend-an established successful entrepreneur only a phone call away.   Read More
  • Opinions

    The war on terror

    Oct 10 2015 215
    As the East African region remains vigilant against terror attacks by Alshabaab and other terrorism agents, Muslims in Uganda – especially ladies who wear long dresses that Read More
  • Sports & Health
    If teams want to count on players showing up, then players should be able to count on a paycheck Uganda’s sporting institutions have something to learn from Read More
  • Sports & Health
    I recently attended a very engaging and thoughtful debate at Makerere University’s School of Public Health in Uganda. The debaters were up-and-coming Ugandan Center for Disease Control Read More
  • Uganda Votes
    Cities, towns and villages remain tense as the appointed time for the announcement of the final tally of the 2011 presidential and parliamentary elections fast approaches. By Read More
  • News
    Serious corruption accusations have been leveled against government bigwigs concerning oil bribes. Some ruling party legislators want the accused to step aside, although the President thinks otherwise. Read More
  • Politics

    Is Museveni losing it?

    Oct 09 2015 187
    It is just over a year since Uganda held its general election of February 18, 2011. Much has happened in the 12 months that have gone by Read More
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Growing unemployment, resulting from the 2008 global economic crisis, is threatening to cause social unrest in a number of countries around the ...
In Spring 2009, Radio Uganda Boston went online. A free Internet radio based in Boston featuring an eclectic mix of music, information and cultural ...
Uganda is sitting on a ton of oil but questions remain as to what the government plans to do with the oil and the money it will bring in. Recent ...
Gambling in casinos takes Kampala by storm. Just try not to get too carried away. Robert is a businessman and he has been gambling for five years. ...
Joanna, a Computer Science student at Makerere University had spent 3 months preparing her final year project. Two days before she was due to present ...
In this modern world, we want every able adult to have something to do. The world hates idle people. Someone must have something to do because that ...
I recently attended a very engaging and thoughtful debate at Makerere University’s School of Public Health in Uganda. The debaters were ...
Lion populations have fallen dramatically in Uganda. A team of conservationists are on a mission to reverse this disturbing trend. by David Torrey ...
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