Opposition to mobilise masses against Basajjabalaba compensation

Opposition to mobilise masses against Basajjabalaba compensation

Members of the opposition are unhappy about the manner in which the president made a U-turn in the compensation of city tycoon, Hassan Basajjabalaba.

Local media quoted the president saying he has additional information on the Shs142.6 billion compensation claim and changed his mind saying it was a fair and justified amount.

In December 2011, Museveni told the PAC that Basajjabalaba must refund all excess funds paid to him for the city markets. He also blamed former AG, Kiddu Makubuya and former Minister of Finance, Syda Bbumba to take responsibility for the loss the government suffered in the compensation claims.

The president added that the amount the minister approved as compensation to Basajjabalaba was Shs 169bn according to police reports, not Shs 142bn. This was after compensation for Nakawa market was added.

Alice Alaso, the Secretary General FDC was surprised by the presidents’s action. She noted the president had defended his letters to the various ministers before the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC).

Alaso noted that Museveni’s action undermined the work of PAC. To her, the solution was regime change in order to fight corruption. Christine Abia, a member of PAC does not see the usefulness of parliament if the executive keeps usurping its powers.

Semmujju Nganda, Kyadondo East MP observed that the credibility of the President was now in jeopardy. The shifting of goal posts only needed impeachment of the president. He was not sure that parliament will be able to fully investigate this matter.

The leader of opposition, Nandala Mafabi was equally disappointed by the move. He said the compensation will be among the first issues to be raised during the plenary session of parliament on Tuesday. He wants government to explain the u-turn.

Members of the Public Accounts Committee of parliament, which was charged with the investigations of the market compensation claimed were attending a retreat in Entebbe. They are writing a report that will be presented in parliament for debate.

– Uganda Radio Network