Taxi drivers support KCCA park management takeover

Kampala taxi drivers backed  Kampala Capital City Authority takeover of the taxi parks management from UTODA.

Mustapha Mayambala, the chairperson of the Drivers and Central Conductors Association was optimistic that the KCCA management will help control the harassment and torture the drivers were facing under UTODA management.

On Tuesday, Jennifer Ssemakula Musisi the KCCA executive issued new revenue collections methods that require drivers to pay the daily collections, directly on KCCA accounts.

Musisis’s directives followed Kampala high court dismissal of the Uganda Taxi Owners and Drivers Association petition seeking to restrain KCCA from repossessing city Taxi Park. UTODA has been managing the taxi business for the close to two decades.

Mustapha Mayambala was however concerned about the fate of the people that have been serving as UTODA wardens and guides.

But its not all joy for some drivers. Geoffrey Majwega, was concerned that the change of management is likely to affect the drivers in. He  said that several drivers had developed a strong attachment to UTODA. UTODA management had been helping drivers aquire permits and played a mediation role between drivers and the police.

Majwega was also concerned about the lamp sum payments of 155,000 shillings per month.