200 million shillings goes missing from Tooro Kingdom

Tooro Kingdom

The Tooro Kingdom land monitoring unit has unearthed a loss of more than 200 million shillings. The money was collected between July and August 2011 from tenants occupying the Kingdom land but was not deposited in the Kingdom accounts. It was collected after High court issued an interim injunction stopping Kingdom officials from performing any duties following a petition filed by members of the Kingdom Clan council.

However, some Kingdom officials defied the court injunction and continued collecting money from the tenants. The injunction was lifted after King Oyo met members of the clan council in September to address their grievances. However, a land monitoring committee appointed by the acting premier of Tooro Kingdom Amos Mugisa to audit the funds raised during the injunction period has found it missing.

John Baranga, the head of the monitoring team says that the tenants were paying money to kingdom officials from the estates department. Without mentioning names, Baranga says that the money could have been deposited on the private bank accounts of some of the individuals because the Kingdom accounts were frozen when the injunction was issued.

During the investigations, the team also discovered that the receipts which were issued to the tenants were different from the original kingdom receipts. At Nyakaseke, the team wanted to close some of the shops, because the receipts the tenants showed them didn’t have the kingdom emblem.

The team also discovered that some of the tenants were forced to pay ground rent for three years and yet such a decision should be taken by the Kingdom Parliament. Baranga also says that they are investigating the whereabouts of 12 million shillings which the kingdom administrator received from Uganda Pentecostal University (UPU) for rent.

In August the kingdom rented out the ground floor of the kingdom headquarters to the university, which it is using as lecture rooms and offices. In a telephone interview, Amos Mugisa, the acting kingdom premier says that the findings of the team will be presented to the Kingdom Cabinet and then tabled in the Kingdom Parliament (Orukurato), next month for resolutions.

Mugisa says that those implicated in the misuse of the funds will be ordered to refund the money or taken to courts of law. Sam Musaana, the estates manager who is in charge of kingdom property which includes land and buildings denies money was collected during the injunction period. He says that if money was collected, then it was done without his knowledge.

– Uganda Radio Network