Economic crisis chokes job seeking youth

Go to school. Graduate. Get a good job. That is the path young people have been told to follow from their earliest years. But the ongoing financial and economic crisis changed that.

Today, nearly 76 million young people worldwide are unemployed, according to the World Youth Report released by the UN on Monday.

The World Youth Report said the global economic crisis has made it more difficult to create job opportunities for young people.

It said that will have long-term implications for both the youth and society at large.

On a positive note, the report showed how young people are succeeding in employment and what governments can do to help prepare them to transition from the classroom to the workplace.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) was one of the UN agencies that have been studying the impact of the crisis on young people.

Sergio Iriarte of the ILO’s Youth Employment Programme, said a major problem is that young people desperately need work experience in order to get a job.

-Uganda Radio Network