Kisoro district chairman faces censure over M23 rebels

Abel Bizimana
Mr. Abel Bizimana, the Kisoro District Chairperson. COURTESY PHOTO.

Kisoro District Chairman Abel Bizimana is threatened with censure over misconduct. The proponents of the move accuse Bizimana of using abusive language, arrogance and being a dictator.

Bizimana’s troubles stem from recent media statements in which he mentioned that councilors in Kisoro district local government were collaborators of the M23, a rebel movement whose ex-combatants had sought refuge in districts neighboring the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Bizimana reportedly stated that the councilors were luring young Ugandans to join the rebels group to earn dollars, ivory and gold. He however did not reveal the identities of the alleged collaborators.

However, councilors are now up in arms accusing Bizimana of running to the media with no evidence to back his statements. They are collecting signatures in support of a motion to censure Bizimana for promoting hatred instead of sanity in the district.

So far 24 members have signed the petition, which is addressed to the office of the district speaker. The councilors have asked the speaker to convene an immediate council session to discuss the issues concerning security in the District amid accusations by the district chairman.

Councilors also want Bizimana to name the alleged rebel collaborators before the council as well as evidence to pin them.

Cossum Kakiga, a district Councillor representing Kirundo Sub County describes the chairman’s statements as unfair and tarnishes the reputation of the district.  He says that he is ready to append his signature on the censure motion if the Chairperson, does not apologize.

Norah Nyiramahoro, the female councilor representing Kyahi Sub County says that besides the statements, Bizimana has always presented himself with arrogance and disrespect for others.

Wilson Kazimiri, a councilor representing Kyahi Sub County says that Bizimana’s statement portraying Kisoro as being insecure is not backed by evidence and it is likely to have a negative impact on social, economic and political development of the area.

Amos Hakizimana, the Kisoro District Speaker says a special council session will be held on Tuesday to deliberate on the matters arising.  The Chairperson Abel Bizimana also confirms attendance of the session.

– Uganda Radio Network