Two drown on Lake Albert on Easter Sunday

Lake Albert, Uganda
Boat carrying two fishermen capsized on Lake Albert, Uganda. Courtesy Photo/Google Maps.

The Marine Police Unit in Buliisa district has embarked on a search for the bodies of two fishermen who are believed to have drowned in Lake Albert on Easter Sunday.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine regional police spokesperson has told this publication that Sasaso Okumu and Daroti Oloya left Wanseko Landing Site and went for their routine fishing on Sunday morning but did not return.

He says that after failing to return to the fishing village at around 10 am when they were expected, other fishermen went to the lake to look for them only to find an empty boat floating on the lake.

This prompted everyone to think the duo had drowned.

Hakiza says that the marine police and the local divers have taken on the search for the bodies since Sunday afternoon and they are yet to be found.

Lack Albert is prone to water accidents with the most recent disaster involving over 30 people who drowned on Christmas day of 2016. The 30 people had sailed from Kaweibanda Landing Site in Buliisa for a friendly football match at Runga Landing Site in Hoima district. Eleven of them died with the rest being rescued in a search and rescue mission that lasted two days.

In November 2016, 10 people hailing from Nebbi district died after drowning on Lake Albert as they were traveling back home from the burial of their friend at Kabolwa Landing Site in Buliisa district.