Kotido residents hit by water crisis

Kotido residents hit by water crisis
A serious water shortage has hit Kotido residents due to vandalized water pump causing many families resulting to fetch water from rivers since the taps ran dry. Courtesy photo.

Unidentified thugs have vandalized the water Pump station in Kotido Municipality leaving more than 800 households in Kanawat parish in West Division in a severe water crisis.

The vandals are said to have broken into the solar water Pump station on Saturday night and made off with two inverters, an accumulator and a control box.

Gabriel Amol, the Water Pump Station Attendant, says the vandals cut the fence at night to gain entry into the facility, located in an isolated area, about half a kilometer from the bus center.

The community water pump was built in 2014 with support from the Japanese government. The same water pump has been supplying water to Kotido Senior Secondary school, Kanawat Health Centre III and Kanawat Primary School.

This publication has learnt that the affected institutions now depend on boreholes installed inside their premises.

Residents have expressed fear of contracting water borne diseases as many families are now fetching water from rivers since the taps ran dry.

Rachael Nyane, a local brewer says the water crisis has made Kwete business more expensive because they hire labor to fetch water from the next village.

Johnson Lokurupacu, a resident of the same village says since the water supply was cut three days ago, bathing has now become a luxury because of the water crisis.

Jonathan Logwero, another resident has called on Kotido Municipal authorities to fix the problem immediately to save the community from the burden of walking long distances.

Currently, residents trek to Narengemoru village, which is about 1 Kilometer away to get water.