Waitresses arrested for distributing counterfeit money

Waitresses arrested for distributing counterfeit money
Uganda Police are holding two suspected fraudsters after they were found in possession and distribution of counterfeit currency. Courtesy Photo.

Police in Kampala has arrested two young women suspected of distributing counterfeit money in the Central Business District.

The two ladies identified as Shakira Ninsima and Nusrat Namanya were arrested at Energy Center building after police received a tip-off from one of their friends.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the duo had already distributed more than Shs 2 million in counterfeit currency by the time they were arrested.

According to the deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Lucas Owoyesigire, there has been a number of cases of counterfeit money reported in various shopping malls in the city centre in the last few weeks.

“We have already recorded statements from complainants and we are interrogating the suspects to establish the source of the counterfeit money,” Owoyesigire told this publication.

The suspects, both waitresses at Ezone bar in Kasubi a Kampala suburb, were found with six counterfeit notes of Shs 50,000 each.

In a statement recorded with the investigating officers, one if the suspects; Namanya revealed that they had been distributing the counterfeit notes on behalf of a dealer only identified as Hakim.

For every Shs 500,000 distributed the dealer pays each of the women Shs 50,000.

“He gave us the notes and told us how to distribute them. He was going to pay us Shs 50,000 for every 500,000 we had changed,” reads the statement in part.

The mode of distribution which the two women have been using includes; going into a shop mainly targeting children in the shops, handing them an original Shs 50,000 note; bargaining for a small item costing less than Shs 5,000 and later pretending like they won’t buy and taking back the money.

They then return immediately and hand the shop attendant a counterfeit note. Thinking that it is the original note he/she initially checked, the shop attendant immediately gives back the balance and the item purchased.