Red Cross seeks Museveni’s help in South Sudan

Red Cross seeks Museveni's help in South Sudan
Peter Maurer (C), addressing the media. Courtesy Photo.

Juba, South Sudan |The Observer| Growing insecurity and political instability in South Sudan has prompted the humanitarian body International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to call for more support from President Museveni in ensuring peace in the war-torn country.

At a press conference held at its offices in Kampala on Monday, ICRC President Peter Maurer, who has been on a four-day tour in South Sudan, said the situation there seems to be deteriorating each day, with incidents of gross violation of human rights.

“I saw the oppression in hospitals … the conflict has had an enormous effect on people’s lives. I’m planning to meet President Museveni and we discuss how to restore political stability in South Sudan. I know he will manage because of his influence and standing,” Maurer said.

He added that during his visit, he held meetings with the country’s President Salva Kiir, opposition leaders, the defence ministry and other relevant stakeholders, and realized the solution is having a political consensus.

“There is no military solution to the problem. It’s better to solve the problem politically,” Maurer said, adding that Museveni can arbitrate between the two parties, despite earlier failed attempts.

Maurer said a third of South Sudanese nationals are currently refugees in neigbouring countries, adding that ICRC has spent more than $110m in one year providing them with humanitarian services.

Noting that most civil servants are not getting paid, the ICRC president called on all relevant actors to intervene in meeting the health and other basic needs of the South Sudanese.