Uganda police kill two in gunfire exchange

Uganda police kill two in gunfire exchange

Uganda Police have shot dead two suspected thugs in a gunfire exchange in Mbale district.

Mansur Suwedi, the Elgon Region Police Spokesperson, identifies the dead as Twaha Kigenyi, a resident of Namanyonyi centre ‘A’ village in Namanyonyi Sub county and Shaban Woyobya, a resident of Bungokho village in Wanale Division in Mbale Municipality.

According to Suwedi, the duo was killed in a gunfire exchange with Police patrol at Namabasa Bridge in Sisye cell in Namatala ward in Mbale’s Industrial Division around 2am on Sunday morning.

Suwedi says David Ocoto, a security guard attached to Tiger Security Company disappeared with the recovered gun on August 8th, 2017 while on duty at the home of Joshua Barongyera in Tolotsyo lane in Gudoi cell, Namakwekwe ward in Northern division in Mbale municipality.

According to Suwedi, Ocoto rang Barongyera claiming that he was naked and had lost his gun to thugs when he went to buy airtime.

Suwedi says police rushed to the scene with a canine but didn’t find any traces of thugs including the guard.

He says they later found Ocoto’s jacket, torn shirt and cap about fifty meters from his work station.

As a result, Police picked up his supervisor, Isaiah Okunya for failing to supervise his subordinate.