Lumpy skin disease breaks out in Kakumiro

Lumpy skin disease breaks out in Kakumiro
Lumpy skin disease spreading in Kakumiro District. Courtesy Photo.

Kakumiro district veterinary department has confirmed an outbreak of lumpy skin disease, an acute infectious disease of cattle. The disease spreads from one infected animal to another through close contact.

The District Veterinary Officer David Waiswa says the disease has already attacked animals in the sub-counties; Katikara, Kisiita, Nalweyo, Kakindo and Mpasana.

Waiswa says the disease causes heavy losses in cattle more especially in milk production. He urges cattle keepers to embrace vaccination of their animals since there is no specific antiviral treatment available for disease infected cattle.

Veterinary experts advise that sick animals may be removed from the herd and given supportive treatment consisting of local wound dressing to discourage flies and prevent secondary infections.

Gerald Mugisa, a cattle keeper in Mpasana Sub County is concerned that a number of his animals have shown symptoms of the disease.

This is a second animal disease to be confirmed in the district in a space of one week. Last week, an outbreak of African swine fever,a dangerous and viral disease was confirmed after claiming several pigs.

The outbreak has been reported in Kasambya and Katikara sub-counties. Hundreds of local farmers are now counting losses.