Lira Technical College students ‘arrest’ principal

Lira Technical College students ‘arrest’ principal
Uganda Technical College Lira

There was drama at Uganda Technical College Lira on Monday when students arrested their principal, Nathan Buchan Talwana and handed him over to Lira central police station for alleged corruption and nepotism.

They accuse the principal of dismissing some staff and recruiting his relatives and friends. They also accuse the college governing council and government of failing to take appropriate action on their complaints raised against the principal for maladministration.

Enraged by the persistent complaints, more than 500 students picked up the principal from his office and marched him through Lira town up to Lira Central police station on Monday evening.

They carried placards denouncing the principal. ”We don’t want Talwana here,” read one of the placards. “Free UTC Lira; Talwana must go,” read another.

Police fired teargas and live bullets to try and disperse the angry students in vain. The students insisted on handing over the principal to police before they retreated to the college to evict Talwana’s family.

However, they found a team of police officers strategically deployed around the principal’s home to stop the students from evicting his family.

Earlier on, police arrested Andrew Odora, the chairperson of Lango Student’s Association (LASA) accusing him of mastermind the arrest of the principal but released him.

Odora blames the school governing council for ignoring plea pleas by students and tutors to transfer the principal.

“We are saying enough is enough, he must go, the principal has to leave,” Odora said.

According to Odora, students pay huge sums of money in tuition and development fees, but receive inadequate services. He warns that unless something is done, they will be left with no action but act on their own as students.