Bullets, teargas as Uganda Police arrest ASP Kirumira

Bullets, teargas as Uganda Police arrest ASP Kirumira
ASP Muhammad Kirumira

Police on Thursday morning fired bullets and teargas during the arrest of Buyende District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira at his home in Bulenga, along Mityana road.

The ultimate arrest occurred at exactly 11:04am after more than six hours of Flying Squad operatives trying to arrest him.

Neighbours had formed crowds blocking the police officers and operatives from accessing Kirumira, who had locked himself inside the house and only speaking through the window.

When they finally managed to bypass the crowds, Kirumira refused to open saying he would not allow to be arrested by members of a unit he has been speaking about and their crimes.

Even when Kirumira’s father Abubaker Kawoya came and tried to intervene, the police commander fully dressed in his uniform remained adamant asking for the police spokesperson Emilian Kayima to come and he would hand himself in.

Police became stranded. Without an arrest warrant and the commanding officer an Assistant Superintendent of Police, the same rank as Kirumira’s, there was little that could be negotiated on.

It, however, took a call from a senior officer who ordered for the breaking down and forced entry into Kirumira’s house. The police operatives broke the first door and second doors before Kirumira opened with his hands in the air.

Hajji Kawoya says his son’s problems are as a result of a meeting he had with the president a few months ago.

Kirumira was a week ago charged in the police tribunal for crimes allegedly committed in 2013 and 2014 when he was in charge of Nansana Police station and Old Kampala police station respectively.

Kirumira pleaded not guilty to charges ranging from torture, extortion, corruption, bribery, unlawful arrests and excessive use of authority.

On Wednesday, he went to the media and announced that he was resigning from the force and went ahead to critique the management and operation of the force.

The police spokesperson person issued a statement warning him of possible consequences.

Kirumira was scheduled to appear at the police tribunal sitting at police headquarters today.