Journalist Bakka secretly charged, remanded to Luzira Prison

Journalist Bakka secretly charged with treason, remanded to Luzira Prison
Veteran journalist Rev Isaac Bakka is facing treason charges

A day after members of parliament demanded for the whereabouts of veteran journalist, Rev Isaac Bakka, who went missing four months ago, government has said that he is incarcerated in Luzira prison on charges of treason and misprision of treason.

Misprision of treason is an offence, committed where someone conceals knowledge of the mission of any treason against the state. It attracts a life sentence upon conviction.

Uganda Prisons Service spokesperson Frank Baine says Baaka was brought to Luzira Upper prison on February 14.

“He is admitted as Rev. Captain at Upper prison in Luzira, but they just brought him recently,” Baine said.

Bakka, who is attached to Bornfree Technologies Network (BTN), a television broadcaster based in Arua, West Nile went missing on October 9, 2017 after being kidnapped by unknown people in Mukono.

His whereabouts remained unknown until yesterday when MPs raised a matter of national importance on the floor of the House. They tasked government to explain the whereabouts of Bakka and New Vision journalist Charles Etukuri. Bakka was reportedly secretly charged and remanded to Luzira prison.

Etukuri was, also this week kidnapped by men dressed army uniforms and his whereabouts remains unknown.

Etukuri was reportedly kidnapped on Tuesday afternoon outside the New Vision premises. New Vision supposes that Etukuri, who was very close to police boss Gen Kale Kayihura, could have been abducted in connection to a series of investigative stories that he recently worked on.

His last story was about the death of an investor, a Finnish national who died at Pearl of Africa hotel in Kampala under unclear circumstances. The story implicated some operatives attached to the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) in the death of the Finnish tycoon Tuomas Teräsvuori Juha.

Etukuri’s story stated that Teräsvuori had traveled to Uganda with Finnish politician Suvi Linden to meet the head of ISO Col Fred Bagyenda. The story further stated that although security agencies claimed that deceased died after inhaling drugs, Linden had told Saturday Vision that the deceased was not taking drugs.

In the same article, it was reported that Teräsvuori died a day after he was arrested in an operation by ISO officers led by Joel Agaba in Entebbe on Monday, February 5.

He was arrested on accusations that he had travelled into the country on a forged clearance letter by Bagyenda and later set free. He died a day later.