Uganda Police generates $3,360,000 from Non Tax Revenue annually

Uganda Police generates $3,360,000 from Non Tax Revenue annually
Gen Kale Kayihura speaking to the media

Uganda Police has been contributing UGX 12 billion ($3,360,000) annually to the consolidated fund from Non Tax Revenue. The money is generated from Police bonds, penalties and service and license charges.

However, only 6 percent of the money is returned to the Police Force for its own welfare expenditure. However, projections from the Police Finance and Administration units show that the force in capable of collecting up to UGX 100 billion ($28,000,000) annually for its services.

For over five years now, the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura has been lobbying parliament to allow them to spend the money to address some of the critical welfare and operational needs of the force.

He says that while the money looks little, it would make a very big difference in the Police Force, which battling financial constraints.

Among the biggest contributors to the Non Tax Revenue are fines from the Express Penalty Scheme, gun hire to Private Security firms, guard services, Interpol criminal record reports and police reports.

Money for these services is banked directly into the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) account and the person seeking the service only presents a bank slip to the police. At the end of the financial year, the two institutions reconcile their financial statements and police receives a percentage of the contribution.

There is however money, which police receives that is not sent to URA. This accrues from hiring out police equipment to AMISOM in Somalia.

The money is kept in an account under the custody of the IGP’s office. However, this publication couldn’t establish the exact amount of money acrueing from this project.