PHOTOS: 70-year-old man caned for allegedly stealing a pumpkin

A 70-year-old man received over 10 lashes of the cane after he was reportedly found with a stolen pumpkin.

The man who hails from Nyabubare, Kigarama sub-county in Sheema district Uganda allegedly stole the pumpkin from a neighbor. When the neighbour reported to the area LC1 chairman, it was resolved that the suspect be caned and let free.

Caned for stealing a pumpkin 2

The story has, however, attracted widespread discussion on social media, with some condemning the act of caning the man, while others have supported the act.

Caned for stealing a pumpkin 3

Some say the man was hungry and are already soliciting funds to go visit the man and give him food.

Caned for stealing a pumpkin 4