Betway gives support to Naguru Hospital

Betway gives support to Naguru Hospital

International Women’s Day serves a reminder of how far we have come in empowering women and providing them with the best of services in every field.

Betway, known to be associated with teams like Betway Power Basketball Club, Onduparaka, and Betway Kobs Rugby Club, wanted to do something special in honor of this special day during their celebrations. They decided to make a contribution that would positively impact women.

By donating items worth sh4m to Naguru Hospital’s maternity ward, or the China Uganda Friendship Hospital, they have contributed to a charitable cause.

The donation:

Adellah Agaba, Betway country manager gave the items to the hospital accompanied by Kobs’ scrum-half Davis Kiwalabye. The list of items had blankets, pampers, soap, milk and baby milk. They handed over the supplies to the staff and the Senior Nursing Officer, Sarah Muwanguzi.

According to Agaba, the purpose of the donation was to show their gratitude to the community to the community that they are based in, by giving something back. On Women’s Day, it was only fitting and diligent to provide caring mothers with things they might need in return for their love.

Betway gives support to Naguru Hospitals
Betway Country Manager Adellah Agaba (center)

She also responded as to why they chose this particular hospital. Naguru Hospital is responsible for serving most of their teams and clients, and hence they felt that they should give a token of appreciation to the doctors and nurses who worked hard to ensure good service.

She admitted that Betway had gained a lot of knowledge about the different challenges faced by different communities through their sponsorships to the UPDF Boxing Club, Pool Association of Uganda and others. They are more than eager to help those in need and give them some financial aid.

How did the hospital respond?

Hospital administrator, Edward Mwanje expressed gratitude to Betway for the thoughtful gesture. The donation would surely come in handy because the hospital often had to help mothers who came to the hospital without logistics.

Since the hospital is a government unit, they receive numerous cases where the patients are desperate for treatment. In order to give them the treatment they need, Naguru invites corporate companies to make donations that would help them cope with the expenses.

Betway’s gesture shows how to celebrate Women’s Day the right way. Naguru Hospital treats over one million residents of Kampala, and a large number of them are in dire need of care. Betway wanted to eliminate the problem of short supplies to some extent by meeting the requirements of the maternity and pediatrics units.

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