Why neighbours call for forgiveness of ‘child battering father’

Why neighbours call for forgiveness of 'child battering father'
The father was beating the child Tuesday at Marto Nursery School

The neighbors of the parents whose video went viral on social media for battering his four-year-old son have pleaded for clemency. Daniel Kibuye was picked up on Tuesday and locked up at Kira Road Police Station. He is charged with assault and child abuse.

Kibuye was caught on video beating the minor for losing his way to Marto Nursery School along Mawanda in Kamwokya in Kampala. Prior, the minor would be accompanied to school by his six year old brother. However, on the fateful day his brother accompanied him up to a motorcar garage neighboring Mawanda Road Police and told him to continue to school as he also ran to St Martins Primary School in Mulago for classes.

The minor has always wanted to study at the same school with the brother. When the brother hurriedly ran to school, the young brother also turned back and followed him but lost his way. He instead ended up at Mulago School for the Deaf. The child was not allowed to enter Mulago School for the Deaf. The school guard took him to Old Mulago Police Post.

After establishing the school where the child was supposed to go, the Officer In-charge Old Mulago Police got a boda-boda cyclist and a police constable to take the child to his school. Immediately after receiving the child from police, Winnie Nakanjako, one of the teachers at Marto Nursery School beat the child before calling his father, Daniel Kibuye.

He was captured on video administering several strokes of the cane to minor who pleaded for mercy in vain.Beatrice Akol has a small foodstuff store along Mawanda Road, opposite Kitante Medical Centre. She was a longtime friend of the two children deceased grandmother who died in November last year.

Akol told this publication that the kids used to stay with their grandmother who would bring them to school every morning and pick him every evening.

“She (grandmother) loved these kids. She used to drink a lot of ajon (iteso local beer) and she would even make it for people but she never left this kid to go to school alone,” Akol recalls the time that the two kids spent with their grandparent.

Akol equally describes Kibuye as a hardworking father who loves the two kids. “Since his wife died, we have seen him struggling to provide for these kids. He has been a father and a mother for many years,” Akol told our reporter.

Akol says it may have been wrong for Kibuye to punish the kid the way he did but says “if he is taken to prison, those kids will suffer more. They will have no food, no school and they may even get out of school because of lack of fees. That will cause much more suffering for the family.”

Ruth Adong, another mother who has seen Kibuye over the years struggling to provide for the two kids, says being in police cells is enough punishment. Kibuye has been at Kira Road Police since Tuesday evening. “He is disciplined hard working man.

When called, he took himself to police, if he was a rogue character, he would have run away. This punishment is enough. I had never seen him beat his children. Maybe, he was so angry on that day,” she said.

When the mother of the two kids died about four years ago, Adong says Kibuye who is a bicycle mechanic in Kamwokya delayed marrying another wife. “He always said he wanted to first ensure his children grow. We worked hard to buy milk for the kids who were so young. He sent milk to the grandmother every day,” she said.

Kibuye married another woman last year who is heavily pregnant. “That is a pregnant woman, there is nothing she can do without the husband,” she said. URN was given a guide to Kibuye’s home.

Like any poor urban dweller, he lives in a one room house in Nsooba, Kyebando at the foot of the now destroyed swamp, along the Northern bypass. His wife wasn’t at home as she had reportedly gone to either Kira Road Police where the husband is detained or Bukkedde TV to make a plea for release of the husband.

Many other people to this publication spoke to expressed empathy for Kibuye, saying he deserves pardon. However, some of the people, say Kibuye should have fulfilled his duty of taking the child to school. It would take between 20 to 30 minutes for Kibuye who usually departs for work at 9:00AM to take the kid to school and return home.

Kibuye will spend a weekend in Kira Road Police cells. His case file was taken to Nakawa Court Resident State Attorney on Thursday. Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire told this publication, that Nakawa Resident State Attorney advised that the child be taken for medical examination. “The child has been taken for medical checkup. We still have him (Kibuye) in our cells,” he said. The file will be returned to the state prosecutor on Monday.