Uganda Police orders withdrawal of military attire from civilians

Uganda Police orders withdrawal of military attire from civilians
Musician Jose Chameleone in military fatigue at Mowzey Radio's burial

Police through its Director of Operations Asuman Mugenyi has ordered all officers to confiscate camouflage attires from civilians across the country.

In a message sent to all police commanders on Friday, Mugenyi ordered for the withdrawal and confiscation of all types of camouflage attires on grounds that people were using the attires to commit crime.

“Most of the owners use the uniforms and similar clothes to perpetrate crime. Quite often, the unsuspecting public believe that the perpetrators are security personnel, especially the military,” reads the message in part.

Police is supposed to work with District Security committees to confiscate these attires but also develop procedures and guidelines to halt the sale of camouflage clothes across the country.

According to the police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, the withdrawal and confiscation will not be limited to camouflage uniforms and attires that resemble that of the Uganda Police Force and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF).

“The target will be camouflage of any type as long as its in the hands of a civilian,” Kayima told this publication.

In the past only the camouflage resembling the UPDF uniforms were confiscated mostly by military personnel and members of the UPDF Reserve Force.

Unlike the army which has been confiscating attires resembling it’s uniforms, police has not been bothered by attires that look like its uniforms until now.

A number of robberies especially on highways have been reported in the past being staged by people in military attires. While investigations have led to some soldiers involved in the crimes, some of them have been masterminded and staged by civilians dressed in military or police camouflage.