Man arrested for killing own mother with a hoe

Man arrested for killing own mother with a hoe
Maliko Birungi, is accused of killing his mother with a hoe for allegedly practicing witchcraft.

Bundibugyo Police are holding a man accused of killing his mother for allegedly practicing witchcraft. The Bundibugyo District Police Commander, Swaib Taban identifies the suspect as Maliko Birungi, a resident of Buganikere trading center in Buganikere town council in Bundibugyo district.

According to Taban, the 36-year-old Birungi is accused of hitting his 70-year-old mother, Cecilia Kabatooro with a hoe on the head at around 10am on Monday. He threatened to kill whoever attempts to rescue her.

But according to Taban, residents overpowered Birungi and rushed his mother to Bundibugyo General Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead a few hours later. He says picked up Birungi from the crime scene at around 2pm.

Taban says that Birungi will be charged with murder. Eye witnesses say the suspect has been threatening to kill his mother for bewitching and causing him misfortunes. Steven Balaba, the area LC I chairman, says the suspect went to his home at around 5am claiming that some people want to kill him.

“I thought he was drunk because everyone was still asleep. So I didn’t pay attention to him thinking that he was under the influence of alcohol yet he was hatching a plan to kill his mother,” Balaba says.

Herbert Mbabati, the Buganikere town council councilor condemned the incident, saying Birungi is a violent person, saying there several cases of assault and robbery against him and his friends. “I think he is a drug addict and I always see him drunk,” Mbabati says.