KOICA donates vehicles to Uganda’s Health Ministry

KOICA donates vehicles to Uganda's Health Ministry
One of the donated items was a diagnostic truck that will go to Mulago Hospital

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has donated six Hyundai vehicles to the Ministry of Health to help improve service delivery in the country.

The vehicles were donated as part of a three-year program aimed at improving maternal health in Iganga and Kamuli district.

The 11 billion shillings project included; training 448 health workers on provision of antenatal care, childbirth and emergency obstetrics services and post-abortion care.

Secondary school teachers were also trained on sexual and reproductive health rights.

David Katabarwa, the Principle Administrative Secretary, MOH, welcomed the donation. He says that it will help with the ministry’s goal of preventing diseases instead of treatment.

KOICA donates vehicles to Uganda's Health Ministry

Also donated was a freezer truck that will be stationed at the ministry of health headquarters.

The truck will assist in proper handling of vaccines. The other vehicles donated include; a food truck and two four-seater administrative vehicles.

Kim Sangchul, Maternal and Child Health Project Director KOICA, says that despite the end of the program, they will continue to promote health in the country.

“Even if this project has come to an end, we are going to continue investing in health in Uganda because we believe in saving lives.”

Katabarwa says that they focused on Kamuli and Iganga districts because of the districts were in the most need for assistance.

“We decided on Kamuli and Iganga because help goes to where it is needed most. Iganga and Kamuli were in most need.”