Youth in Uganda decry sexual harassment in schools, workplaces

Youth in Uganda decry sexual harassment in schools, workplaces
Uganda Youth in Parliament

Youth in Uganda have raised concern over the rampant cases of sexual harassment at workplaces and in schools.

The youth from civil society, local councils and educational institutions were on Friday engaged in a parliament youth advocacy day under the theme “Safe Spaces for Youth” ahead of the International Youth Day on Sunday.

According to the youth, the levels of sexual harassment and unemployment in the country are worryingly high. They cited job seekers who are sexually harassed and students abused by those in authority.

“Sexual harassment is not only perpetuated by men, we spoke to many girls who said their female bosses ask them to have sex with a client. So it is not only the men on the streets of Kampala who are harassing our girls.” said Obed Kambasu, the programs manager of Restless Development.

Irene Kagoya from Plan International said Uganda has ratified instruments that prohibit violence and provides for full dignity of women, but sexual violence continues to thrive in Uganda. She said that 22 per cent of women aged 15-49 years experience some form of sexual violence.

Kagoya called for the expedition of the Sexual Offences Bill that will address the situation. The Sexual Offences Bill tabled in 2016 aims at consolidating all legislation related to sexual offences.