We nearly lost Bobi Wine – Barbie Kyagulanyi

We nearly lost Bobi Wine – Barbie Kyagulanyi
Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi, the wife to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine

Barbara Itungo Kyagulanyi, the wife to Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine fears that her husband could have died in the hands of security personnel under whose custody he has been over the last five days.

“Bobi is in pain. Bobi is hurting everywhere. We nearly lost him! He wonders how he is still alive after such treatment,” she said in a write up released shortly after her visit to Makindye Military Barracks where Kyagulanyi is now detained.

Mrs Kyagulanyi also known as Barbie says that Bobi Wine cannot stand on his own. He has a swollen face which in her description is very deformed, adding that it is unlikely that one can recognize him at first sight.

“His forehead is bruised and his eyes are red. He has many wounds including one on his ear. He seems to have been punched many times on the face. He cannot walk. He was carried into the room where we saw him. He cannot sit straight. He speaks with difficulty and has a lot of pain breathing,” she explains.

According to Barbie, Kyagulanyi has great pain in the left side ribs and hip and appeared to have bled a lot through the ears and the nose and still has visible blood stains. She says he is in such a terrible state and in need of urgent medical attention.

She narrates that according to his story, Kyagulanyi was not at the scene where chaos allegedly took place in Arua. He was with friends watching the news at a restaurant when news came out that his driver had been shot dead and quickly went into his room as gunshots raged on, and for many hours throughout the night, he kept hearing soldiers banging doors and breaking into rooms of the hotel.

She adds that later the soldiers came to his room and broke into it. They found him standing in the room and immediately ordered him to kneel down. However, before he could reach the floor, one soldier hit his head with an iron bar and he fell down. They all descended on him, stepping on his head with boots and hitting him everywhere. He became unconscious thereafter and after so many hours, he realized that he was at the Arua airfield on handcuffs. He can’t tell what they might have done to him during that time.

“After regaining consciousness, he was given many injections and has no idea what they were for. They took him to Gulu where he was detained. He can hardly remember what took place in court yesterday as he was only regaining consciousness,” according to Barbara.

He was later airlifted to Makindye where he is being detained.

“I have seen many victims of torture- never have I seen anyone in the state which Bobi is in! When he narrates these stories, you see the kind of trauma he is going through. When you set your eyes on him, you cannot help but wonder what kind of human beings can do such things to a fellow human being,”

Mrs Kyagulanyi requests that Bobi Wine is urgently allowed to access his doctors so that he gets the much needed medical attention. Especially since he highly suspects that he underwent internal bleeding.