No one will destabilize Kampala – President Museveni

No one will destabilize Kampala - President Museveni
President Museveni addressing the nation from Entebbe State Lodge on Sunday evening

President Yoweri Museveni has warned that nobody will be allowed to destabilize the peace in Kampala.

While speaking in a nation address from Entebbe State Lodge on Sunday evening, Museveni noted that he has it on good authority that some people are paying youths Shillings 100,000 to burn tyres on city roads to show that the country is chaos.

“Some of these people are getting money from Non-governmental organizations to cause chaos here we shall not allow it,” he said. Museveni noted that they have stopped various attempts to burn the city and will continue doing so.

He accused some people of taking advantage of youths because of unemployment, a problem he said government intends to address. “We shall do everything possible to protect our youths from wrong people who want to use them in their schemes,” he said.

He said government will plan for the youths whose parents failed to plan for to help them overcome the unemployment problem. “Some parents didn’t plan well for their children. They have no job, no property and no capital. Government will plan for them,” he said.

Adding that, “You see I have planned for my children. They completed their education that is why you don’t see them looking for a job.”

Museveni said government will help the unemployed youths to go into small scale production like maize milling and leather tanning to help them to create wealth for the country.

“Why should we buy cheap Chinese shoes when we can produce them here? We have the hide and skin to support the youths,” he said. Museveni said the highly trained youths have already been supported to start innovations like the Kayola bus project.

He however, noted that problem of drug abuse among youths, saying he intends to construct rehabilitation centers around Kampala and other areas to help them recover.