Museveni orders deployment of 24,000 LDUs to fight urban crime

Museveni orders Deployment of 24,000 LDUs to Fight Urban Crime
President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has called for the deployment of 24,000 Local Defense Unit (LDUs) personnel to fight urban criminals. According to Museveni, the LDUs will operate in Kampala and Wakiso to reinforce local security.

He disclosed this while delivering the address of the National State of Affairs at Entebbe State Lodge on Sunday evening. The proposed deployment is in response to increased insecurity following rampant murders and assassination, the recent being the murder of former Buyende DPC, Muhammad Kirumira.

Kirumira was gunned down by two assailants, riding on a red numberless sport bike in his Toyota Corona car registration number UAJ 228V at Bulenga township, Wakiso District along Kampala Mityana Road.

This deployment according to President Museveni is expected to draw over Shs.57billion from the national budget for more than a year until other security measures such as installation of security cameras in the city and major towns in the country are implemented.

In his earlier statement following the killing of Kirumira, Museveni said his government was going to re-activate the Luweero methods to deal with the cowardly pigs.

This move according to the president follows the sub-committee of security meeting on the urban criminals, which he chaired Sunday morning.

According to Museveni, government had wanted to avoid this deployment due to its expenses but they want now to bring guns out to respond to criminals.

In earlier reports, eyewitness told this publication that after killing Kirumira, the assassins drove for about 100 meters towards Kampala, but suddenly made a U-turn firing several rounds in the air.

They then sped off towards Mityana. Boda boda riders started trailing them while buzzing and hooting. It is believed that the assassins aimed their guns at the cyclists forcing them to stop, which gave them an opportunity to disappear.

But according to Museveni, had the residents had guns they would have responded to the assailants. He says the method of deployment of LDUs is not new since government had already used it along the Uganda Border with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He says the LDUs will be reinforced by the Crime Preventers who will be vetted by the newly elected local council committees.

The urban killings that saw death of Sheiks, Joan Kagezi, Muhammad Kigundu, Ibrahim Abiriga and the most recent Muhammad Kirumira according to Museveni have scared people. “Museveni said in all these cases many suspects have been arrested but this issue must be addressed,” Museveni observed.

Adding that; “We are still using the old police methods but some of these criminals have been identified. Once we get modern ways fully in place urban killings will be solved. We are now in the transition from the old methods to new methods.”