Bobi Wine vows to continue fighting for freedom

Bobi Wine vows to continue fighting for freedom
Tortured Ugandan pop star cum politician returns in home after medical treatment in U.S.

Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has said that he will not relent on his quest for freedom and justice for all in Uganda.

Kyagulanyi was speaking from his home in Magere on Thursday 20th, three hours after his arrival from the United States of America where he’s been seeking further treatment.

On arrival at Entebbe Airport, Kyagulanyi was roughed up by police officers who drove him straight to his home in Magere, Kasangati. Several of his supporters who had thronged Entebbe road were either beaten or arrested by security.

“From the plane they searched me, they took away my passport and all the documents and I don’t know where they’re but am glad to be here [in Uganda]. I didn’t know where they were taking me, they just grabbed me,” he said.

“I have come to continue exactly where I stopped, I’m going to fight on and like I said, we must get our freedom or we shall die trying to fight for freedom. It looks like the government is determined to keep us slaves in our own country. I cannot ask for asylum anywhere else. I can’t be a refugee, no. I’m a Ugandan and I will stay in Uganda and I will fight for that freedom. And if I don’t get that freedom, at least my children or their children will get it,” Bobi Wine added.

Kyagulani has been in the US for the last 19 days seeking treatment after being allegedly tortured by the presidential guards, Special Forces Command (SFC) following his arrest on August 14. He was arrested alongside 32 others on suspicion that they had stoned President Yoweri Museveni’s vehicle. The suspects have been charged with treason and are out on bail.

Probably to confuse the journalists and the waiting supporters, two separate police convoys set off from Entebbe – driving at breakneck speed.

The convoy with Bobi Wine drove straight Magere while the other drove to Kasangati Police Station. For a while several journalists and supporters were fooled into thinking that he was being held at the police station.

Indeed, crowds started swelling outside Kasangati Police Station – chanting pro-Bobi Wine slogans before they were dispersed by the presidential guards.

Asked about the status of his health, Kyagulanyi said he is still experiencing some pain in some parts of his body despite the treatment he underwent while abroad, but overall, he said he was feeling fine.