Uganda Rastafarian Community launched

Uganda Rastafarian Community launched
Some members of the Uganda Rastafarian Movement, a community based Organisation of Rastafarians living in Uganda, pose for a photo

An Association that brings together Rastafarians has been launched in Uganda.

The Rastafarian Community of Uganda (RCU) will bring together all the Rastafarian as one way of reorganizing the community and strengthening the Pan-African Movement in the Country.

Speaking during the launch in Kampala on Saturday 29th, Daniel Rugarama the Executive Director of Pan African Movement (PAM) said that the association will help the Rastafarians to transform socially, politically and economically.

He noted that in the past, many Rastafarians have been perceived as criminals because of their nature of living.

Rugarama says through the association, they hope to sensitize the public on who exactly a Rastafarian is.

The Chairperson of the Association Rasta Juuko Namanye asked the Rastafarian Community to desist from acts of drug abuse saying that this will help them promote love, peace and unity in the community.

Uganda has approximately one million Rastafarians with registered identification cards obtained after paying 30,000 shillings.

The money collected is supposed to buy land, start small scale industries, engage in agriculture as well as starting a Pan African Education Centre that will have primary, secondary and tertiary institutions of learning.

The Rastafarian Movement is a global force within the wider Pan African Movement striving for the progression and liberation of the African people from imperialism by promoting love, peace and unity of all people.

The launch brought former Kampala Central Division mayor Nyakaana Amooti who said that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Party is ready to work with the Rastafarians in skilling them.