Journalist in trouble over crocodile skin

Journalist in trouble over crocodile skin
Crocodile skin trade

Emmanuel Decox Nyalo, a local journalist based in Amolatar district is in trouble for trading in parts of protected species.

Nyalo was picked up from Muntu Sub County on Tuesday in an operation conducted by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

The operation was prompted by a tip off that the journalist was selling parts of different game animals.

Samuel Abedi, the Amolatar District Police Commander, says about four crocodile skins were recovered from Nyalo during the operation.

According to Abedi, the operatives pretended to be buyers and laid a trap for the suspect.

He says the suspect have been transferred to Kampala for further interrogations, saying trading in game animals is illegal.

Police has temporarily proposed a charge of dealing in the parts of protected species against Nyalo and others who are still at large.

It is suspected that Nyalo joined the illicit trade during his tenure at Karuma Hydro Power Construction site where he worked as the assistant Human Resource Manager.

Crocodile skin is used to make leather, which is used to produce renowned brands such as Vuitton, Gucci, Versace and Burberry.