Jennifer Musisi gets emotive farewell from KCCA school pupils

Jennifer Musisi gets emotive farewell from KCCA school pupils
Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jennifer Musisi

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jennifer Musisi received a touching farewell from pupils in KCCA schools.

Drawn from Buganda Road Primary School, Nakivubo Blue Primary School and Clever’s Origin Primary School, the pupils blended Musisi’s 7-year tenure as KCCA Executive Director in songs, stories, plays and traditional folk dances. Pointing out that many people doubted her capacity to transform Kampala when she was appointed Executive Director of Kampala in 2011.

Musisi tendered in her resignation letter to President Yoweri Museveni last month, indicating that she will be out of the office on December 15, 2018. But she could not hold back her tears as pupils sang about her achievements and challenges at a low key function held at City Hall this evening.

Buganda Road Primary School pupils intoned that Musisi’s sacrifice has made a difference to everyone and will leave an indelible mark on Kampala’s transformation journey. KCCA manages 79 government aided primary schools in the city on behalf of the central government.

In her remarks, Musisi said the function overwhelmed her emotionally, stating that children are absolutely genuine, unlike old folk who often shower their colleagues with hypocritical praises. She added that as they sang, she was praying for an opportunity to do more for the children of Uganda.

Musisi said the kind praises touched her when children reminded her of the many battles she has fought and sacrifices she made in transforming Kampala. According to Musisi, skeptics who doubt that Africans can transform Africans or Ugandans can transform Ugandans should look at what KCCA has achieved.

Musisi said that although improving schools has been the major focus of KCCA’s corporate social responsibility, much of the funds spent on improving school infrastructure came from the private sector and KCCA staff members.

“Together, we have made a difference in the lives of children of Kampala. We have been working to build classrooms, to expand facilities, to bring computers to schools. We are giving these children the advantages that they did not have,” she noted.

Musisi said that the difference that KCCA has made in Kampala government aided primary schools has prompted parents to move their children from private schools to government schools.