I won’t protect NRM, gov’t thieves – Kadaga

I won't protect NRM, gov't thieves - Kadaga
The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has threatened to name and shame officials involved in corruption

Corrupt government officials should not expect protection from the parliament in the guise of protecting the ruling party and country’s image, Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has warned.

Instead, Kadaga threatened to name and shame officials involved in corruption in an effort to end the vice that is currently roaming in almost all public institutions.

Kadaga was speaking during ecumenical prayers held at parliament on Monday. The prayers are part of the 3rd Annual Parliament Week, an activity aimed at bridging the gap between parliament and the public. This year, the week is running under the theme “Championing accountability to improve service delivery.”

Kadaga said that she will not protect any corrupt leader regardless of their political affiliation, adding that there should be no reason for leaders to swindle public resources.

“Unfortunately, there are people in this country who think that if you’re a leader in this country you should not speak about corruption. That your spoiling the name of the party, you’re spoiling the name of the country…Last year when I complained about the harassment of Ugandans in L.Victoria by the UPDF, there is a minister who came to my office [and] told me stop talking about the army. I said what do you mean? He told me; ‘you’re spoiling their name’. I told him you; ‘you man, let them stop their atrocities and I will stop talking about them’ and I chased him out of my office,” she said.

“We have no common agenda to commit atrocities. We have never made a commitment to be corrupt together. There has never been that agreement. Those who are corrupt are corrupt in their individual capacities and should not expect protection from the speaker or the House.”

The Parliament Week ecumenical thanksgiving service was attended by the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, His Grace Stanley Ntagali, Electoral Commission officials, parliament staff and officers from different government departments as well as.

In his sermon, the retired Bishop of North Kigezi Edward Muhima strongly spoke out against corruption attributing it to lack of faithfulness and transparency. He said that the two values are badly needed in the country so that corruption is eliminated and service delivery improves.

The Parliament Week 2019 commenced yesterday with a charity walk aimed at raising funds for the construction of a centre for persons living with albinism. Up to Shs 46 million was raised towards the establishment of a center which requires a total of Shs 5 billion.

During the week, constituents will be given an opportunity to meet their legislators, while various departments will also be able to showcase and exhibit their work.