Police investigate Maj Gen Ggwanga over shooting at Kusasira’s car

Police investigate Maj Gen Ggwanga over shooting at Kusasira’s car
Rtd Maj Gen Kasirye Ggwanga

Police are investigating circumstances under which, Rtd Major Gen. Kasirye Ggwanga opened fire at a vehicle of the aides of local music artist, Catherine Kusasira. The incident occurred around 10:45pm on Tuesday night near Makindye Division offices where Ggwanga’s children were buying snacks.

Preliminary police findings indicate that trouble started after Kasirye Ggwanga’s children asked the occupants of Kusasira’s Premio vehicle registration number UAY 083Y to turn down the loud music they were playing in vain. The children reportedly threatened to call their father, which didn’t move the occupants of Kusasira’s vehicle.

According to eye witnesses, Kasirye arrived amidst the confusion and asked the driver of Kusasira’s vehicle to turn down the music. The driver reportedly ignored him; saying he wasn’t above and there was nothing he could do.

Kasirye Ggwanga immediately ordered his body guard to bring his AK47 rifle from his vehicle and shot the tyres of Kusasira’s vehicle.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, says police was called to scene. “Police was called. They visited the scene and the case was registered under SD reference 107/29/1/2019. Investigations are ongoing,” Onyango said. Kasirye Ggwanga has not yet commented as he couldn’t be reached. However, the General isn’t new to controversy.

In 2013, Kasirye Ggwanga threatened to shoot police officers when they stormed the farm of his junior brother Angelo Kasirye to allegedly exhume the remains of Livingston Lubega who was reportedly buried there.

Lubega reportedly disappeared in 1985. Kasirye Ggwanga pitched camp in the farm with his AK47 and threatened to shoot the officers should they fail to find the remains. Some bones were recovered from the farm.

The same year, Kasirye Ggwanga was involved in a fierce verbal exchange with the late former Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Andrew Felix Kaweesi for attempting to evict him from his Makindye residence in Kizungu Zone. Kasirye Ggwanga pitched camp in his compound with an AK47 rifle and pistol threatening shoot whoever dares step in his compound.