Leave Kyaligonza’s issue to Generals – Moses Ali

Leave Kyaligonza's issue to Generals - Moses Ali
Uganda's First Deputy Prime Minister, Gen Moses Ali

Uganda’s First Deputy Prime Minister, Gen Moses Ali has asked legislators to stop demanding the recall of Uganda’s Ambassador to Burundi, Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza. He advises Members of Parliament to instead focus on their legislative duties and leave the issue of sanctioning Kyaligonza to Army Generals.

Mr Kyaligonza is accused together with his guards of slapping Sgt Esther Namaganda, a female traffic officer in Seeta, Mukono District in February this year after she tried to stop his driver from making a U-turn in the road.

Parliament resolved on February 27 resolved to recall Mr Kyaligonza from his diplomatic duties in Burundi for his “unacceptable behaviours.”

However, during Monday press briefing, Mr Kyaligonza slammed parliament for passing such a resolution and described MPs as stupid.

The Rukungiri Municipality MP, Roland Mugume Kaginda who on Tuesday the audio recording of Mr Kyaligonza’s statements, demanded parliament to halt the consideration of the ministerial policy statement for the Foreign Affairs Ministry for the 2019/2020 financial year until the executive implements the resolution that Mr Kyaligonza is recalled from diplomatic service.

However, the Deputy Speaker, Mr Jacob Oulanyah cautioned that much as Mr Mugume had accused Mr Kyaligonza for contempt of Parliament, there is a difference between disrespect of Parliament and contempt of parliament.

However, Gen Moses Ali expressed doubt on the authenticity of the papers and the audio recording Mr Kaginda presented and declined to comment on what the executive will do regarding Mr Kyaligonza’s latest remarks or even the resolution by parliament.

“Mr Speaker, I want to take this opportunity to inform my colleague that it’s wrong to say Generals have bush mentality, he is actually not a General so I don’t think he can have that ability to access matters of Generals,” he said.

His response followed the Erute South MP, Jonathan Odur’s question as to whether Generals who fought in the 1980-1986 bush war have ever undergone counselling or medical treatment to help them recover from their ‘bush mentality” because Mr Kyaligonza is not the only bush war General whose conduct is wanting.

Mr Oulanyah asked government to present a comprehensive statement on Mr Kyaligonza’s utterances to the house on Wednesday.