Infant with three kidneys in need of life altering surgery

Infant with three kidneys in need of life altering surgery
Baby with three kidneys in need of surgery

Three week-old Zaabu Haddasah Mulungi sleeps quietly in her mum’s hands cuddled and wrapped in a white baby shawl lined with pink bed sheets.

To onlooker, she is like any other normal baby. Mulungi has three kidneys and needs a lifesaving operation in two weeks to increase her chances of survival.

Her mother, Mariam Naggayi narrates with tears rolling down her cheeks her child’s ordeal, which is characterized with pain and restlessness.

According to Naggayi, doctors discovered the abnormality during medical examination after the birth of her child.

Naggayi explains that she had never heard of such a condition, adding that her baby looked fine and didn’t understand what was wrong with her.

A normal functioning renal system is made up of two kidneys. A medical report from Uganda Martyrs Hospital Lubaga shows that Mulungi has an extra kidney.

The report shows that one of the kidneys split into two during organ development. The report also notes that Mulungi’s bigger kidney is underdeveloped.

Carolyn Birungi, the CEO of Bicah @ (at) Sales, a Charity organisation, which has been helping Naggayi to sustain the baby since birth, says they have raised Shillings 2.2 million but more is needed to save the innocent soul.

Naggayi is hunting for an additional Shillings 2.8 million to take Mulungi to hospital so that the undeveloped kidney can be removed. The total cost of the surgery is Shillings 5 million.

“I had lost all hope. But since I now have some money, i am hopeful again. Am requesting people to help me because doctors tell us we need the surgery next week,” said Naggayi.

During the surgery, doctors will also try to ascertain whether the smaller kidney that has an additional organ attached to it can function well. Naggayi can be reached on 0783 755 891.