Students lynch man in bar brawl in Kisoro

Students lynch man in bar brawl in Kisoro

Kisoro Police are investigating circumstances under, which students lynched a 21-year-old man in a bar brawl.

Emmanuel Mftimukiza alias Kanyarwanda, a resident of Gatovu village in Kisoro Municipality was lynched by students of St Peter’s Vocational Secondary school in Kisoro Municipality around 11:15PM on Saturday night.

George Zihiranye, a teacher at St Peter’s Vocational Secondary School Kisoro, says a group of male students escaped from school after preps and stormed a bar in the neighborhood belonging to a businessman only identified as Mutabaazi.

He says as they were drinking, the students developed a misunderstanding with Mftimukiza leading to a fight. The students assaulted Mftimukiza to death.

Ely Maate, the Kigezi Police spokesperson, says the deceased’s body is lying at Kisoro Hospital Mortuary for postmortem as inquiries into the matter continue.

Maate says they have apprehended three students who were involved in the fight and school guard. The suspects are locked up at Kisoro Police Station under CRB 279/2919.

Josephine Mukandekezi, the deceased’s mother says that Mftimukiza left home on Saturday at around 09:00pm for a social hour.

She says that she was shocked when she received information about the death of her son in a bar fight.