Uganda Red Cross releases report on Kalangala fires

Uganda Red Cross releases report on Kalangala fires
Fire guts houses in Bujumba fishing village in Kalangala district. Hundreds left homeless. COURTESY PHOTO/URCS

The poor physical plan of landing sites in Kalangala district, neglect and domestic violence have been singled out as the main causes of fire outbreaks there.

This is contained in a new report by Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) compiled between November 2017 and March 2019.

The report looked at fire outbreaks on Nkose, Lujaabwa, Nkese, Kyagalanyi, Kagoonya and Kaazi-Bugaba among other landing sites.

The report notes that only Kasekulo landing site in Mugoye Sub County has a viable physical plan with clear boundaries. Ibrahim Ssenyonga, the URCS Kalangala Branch Manager released the findings to residents of Kaazi Bugaba landing site in Bufumira Sub County on Sunday morning.

He singled out domestic violence and irresponsibility among the fishing communities as the main causes of fires on the landing sites.

There have been more than 12 fires in Kalangala District in the past one year. The outbreaks led to loss of property and huge sums of money. Whenever there is a fire outbreak, most of the temporary structures on the landing sites are reduced to ashes since they are located close to each other.

The temporary structures are made of wood and grass, which easily catch fire. The Kalangala District LC V Chairperson, Willy Lugoloobi suggested that all landing sites in the District start developing a physical plan locally providing sufficient space to allow for emergency services wherever there is need.