Gen. Kasirye Gwanga’s sister killed, body dumped in pit-latrine

Gen. Kasirye Gwanga’s sister killed, body dumped in pit-latrine
Irene Najjita's body was found dumped in a pit-latrine at her home in Kitalegerwa Village, Nalutuntu Sub County in Kassanda District on May 9, 2019.

Police in Kassanda district have recovered the body of a 60-year-old woman dumped in a pit-latrine.

Irene Naggita, a resident of Kitalegelwa village in Nalutuntu Sub-County, who is also a sister to retired Maj. Gen Kasirye Gwanga went missing from her home several weeks ago.

Denis Kimuli, son of the deceased, says when he learnt that his mother was missing, they tried to trace her from known relatives and friends, in vain.

Kimuli also notes that since Easter they were calling her mobile phone but it went unanswered.

Elizabeth Kasirye, sister to the deceased, notes that Naggita’s character had changed days before she went missing.

Kasirye adds that Naggita was one of the organizers of Easter prayers at Kitalegelwa, Church of Uganda, but she never turned up on Good Friday.

The Wamala Regional Police Spokesperson Norbert Ochom notes neighbours experienced a foul stench from the pit-latrine and informed the police.

Ochom says that Naggita was killed before she was dumped in the latrine.

Naggita’s body was taken to Mityana General Hospital for postmortem before it was handed over to family members for burial.

Maj. Gen. Kasirye Gwanga says that he is still questioning the motive of killing an old woman and then dump the body in a latrine.

“We have left this matter to police to investigate the matter to its logical conclusion. But we are interested to know why somebody would act like that,” Gen Gwanga said.

“She didn’t have a grudge with anybody and we are surprised that thugs took her life in such a brutal manner. We want the police to thoroughly investigate and tell us what the intention of the killers was,” Gen Gwanga added.