Uganda Police arrest child sacrifice suspect after 6 years hunt

Uganda Police arrest child sacrifice suspect after 6 years hunt

Uganda Police Force have finally arrested Awali Kivumbi for the attempted ritual sacrifice of Allan Sembatya, a resident of Kayunga District. Kivumbi and his co-accused Paul Seruze have been on the wanted police list since 2012.

They are wanted for attempting to kill Sembatya who was then six-years-old and was staying with his grandmother.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga says Kivumbi was netted in Kamwenge District over the weekend following a hunt by Uganda Police Force (UPF) in collaboration with Kyampisi Child Care Ministries.

Seruze was picked up from hiding in Buyende District in January this year. He was arraigned in court on charges of attempted murder. Enanga says Kivumbi will also appear anytime soon.

According to police records, the duo grabbed Sembatya while harvesting jackfruit shortly after returning from Busari Primary School and tried to behead him.

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Sembatya made an alarm that attracted nearby residents as his neck was allegedly being cut off. His killers took off after seeing residents zeroing on them.

The child became unconscious due to bleeding profusely and was rushed to hospital where he spent two weeks.

After recovering, Sembatya named Seruze and Kivumbi as people who were cutting off his neck because he knew them as residents from a neighboring village.