Employers more satisfied with employees with disabilities – Report

Employers more satisfied with employees with disabilities - Report

Employers in Uganda are more satisfied with employees living with disabilities compared to their able-bodied counterparts. This is the finding of a new baseline survey on the employment situations of persons living with disabilities in Uganda and the Disability Quota Employment Policy of Uganda.

The survey, conducted by Disability Policy Watch Africa, found out that about 1.3 per cent of people in formal employment have disabilities. However, up to 84 per cent of employers are satisfied with their effectiveness.

Local governments showed the highest satisfaction with employees with disabilities at 90 per cent while the private sector satisfaction stands at 77 per cent, according to Dr Patrick Ojok, the Lead Consultant in the Baseline Survey.

According to the research, 85 per cent of employers are willing to designate a portion of job opportunities for persons with disabilities under the Disability Quota Employment Policy of Uganda passed last year, as an affirmative action to increase employment opportunities for persons living with disabilities.

Laurence Egulu, a commissioner in the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development says only 5 per cent of employers surveyed are unwilling to ring-fence certain positions in their organizations to persons with Disabilities.

However, Dr John Bosco Oryema, a lecturer of Economics at Makerere University who also participated in the research says employers and employees with disabilities differed on the amount of employment to gazette for persons with disabilities.

Light for the World, a gender mainstreaming and Development Organization is implementing an initiative to open up employment opportunities to 12.4 per cent of the population living with disabilities.

Disability Inclusion Advisor Anneke Maarse says access to employment, education, income, information, control over one’s body and sexuality are everybody’s basic aspirations with no difference for persons with disabilities.