Woman arrested for feeding stepdaughter menstrual blood

Woman arrested for feeding stepdaughter menstrual blood
A plain clothed female officer escorting Namata to police. Behind her in a jumper is his husband Lungu.

Mukono police are holding a woman accused of forcefully feeding her teenage stepdaughter food mixed with her menstrual blood.

The suspect is Annet Namata, a resident of Mukono Central Division in Mukono municipality.

Namata’s husband, Unusu Lungu, says that he learnt about the shocking incident from his neighbors who intervened to save the teenager’s life when they saw her vomiting on the veranda after the suspect left to go and trap grasshoppers.

He says the curious residents asked the teenager what had happened but she couldn’t speak and instead pointed at a plate of food inside the sitting room.

The irritated residents notified Lungu after giving the teenager hot water to wash her mouth, garlic and charcoal to swallow.

Lungu says he couldn’t withhold his anger and attacked Namata at her workplace.

She reportedly confessed and blamed the girl, saying that she removed the blood from a bucket and mix it with her food.

According to Lungu, the suspect fled into hiding when he left to report the matter to local authorities.

The village council leaders sweet talked Namata on phone and convinced her to return for mediation.

Sarah Namawejje, the women local council I representative, says Namata pleaded guilty to the accusations and asked for forgiveness.

She claimed that she was ill advised by her friends to feed the minor with blood so as to turn her into a lunatic.

Namata claimed that she feels infuriated because of the care her husband gives to the teenager.

Namwejje says that the case weighed heavily on the village women council, which prompted them to handover the suspect to police.

Rogers Sseguya, the Mukono District Police Commander, says they have handed over the matter to the child and family protection unit, which is also ensuring sufficient care for the teenager to recover psychologically from this trauma.