Uganda police connects five suspected boda boda killers to 11 other murders

Uganda police connects five suspected boda boda killers to 11 other murders
John Bosco Mugisa alias Mukiga, one of the deadly Rubaga boda boda killers finally reveals top businessman responsible for facilitating their deadly murder operation moves

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Uganda Police Force investigators have linked the five suspects picked up by the Flying Squad Unit (FSU) in connection to the murder of a boda boda rider in Rubaga to eleven other murders in Makindye and Old Kampala.

The suspects are Aloysius Tamale alias Patrick Sekyewa alias Young Mulo (not the musician), John Bosco Mugisha aka Mukiga, Umar Ssenyonga, Bob Mubale aka Musoga Ben and Majidu Bandiho alias John Bosco Kagame.

Tamale and Mugisha were picked up after they appeared in a video captured by a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) strangling Derrick Mulindwa, a Boda boda rider on June 30 at Kakeeka in Mengo in Rubaga Division in Kampala.

The Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, says the duo led the officers to their accomplices.

Young Mulo had initially been pronounced dead basing on Mugisha’s confession indicating that he had been lynched in Makindye on July 7th for stealing a motorcycle from Mityana District.

Enanga says their investigations show that Young Mulo fled to Kayabwe in Mpigi District and was picked up from a shrine in Bukalongo in Wakiso District on Friday. He had reportedly taken the deceased’s motorcyclists” clothes to ‘silence’ his ghost.

After killing Mulindwa and making off with his motorcycle, Young Mulo stole reportedly stole another motorcycle and was apprehend and roughed up by an angry mob at Kibuye along Entebbe Road.

Police intervened and rescue him from charged crowd and rushed him to Mulago National Referral Hospital for treatment, but escaped with the help of his brother. He went to Kayabwe where he was transported by Robert Kawooya, on a motorcycle to a witchdoctor, Dan Yiga in Bukalongo.

Enanga says they have since arrested his helper, Yiga Ali Wetute, Kawooya and Viola Nakanjako, a sister to Young Mulo, who was found nursing him at her home in Nabusanke in Wakiso District. Young Mulo has reportedly confessed being the commander of the gang that has been targeting Boda boda riders in Makindye, Old Kampala, Kawempe and Mukono district.

“He has told us he was the key person in hiring Boda boda riders. He could position himself well as a passenger, lead the rider a place where his colleagues are and they would strangle them. We have learnt they would first survey the areas and choose spots where there are no nearby police,” Enanga said.

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The five suspects have since confessed to have killed six people in Makindye. They include among others Damyano Sekalala, who was strangled in Kanisa zone on May 29, Godfrey Nkata who was killed on June 3 at Wasswa zone, Emmanuel Gatete who was killed in March near St Agnes at Salama Road, Abdallah Nsubuga, who was strangled at Kizungu zone and Tom Wamala, who was killed in Makindye zone.

According to Enanga, the suspects have also disclosed that they have people who have been buying the stolen motorcycles at Muganzirwazza near Katwe roundabout, Nyanama-Kabowa and Mutundwe, all in Rubaga Division, in Kampala City. According to Enanga, they have substantive evidence implicating the suspects on the crimes.

Enanga says they have widened their investigations since the suspects have indicated that their accomplices are still at large. Police say they also want to establish the identity of the people who were killed in Old Kampala, Kawempe and Mukono.

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