Ziggy Wine was bruised in motorbike accident – Witnesses

Ziggy Wine was bruised in motorbike accident – Witnesses
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

Kampala, Uganda | URN | Circumstances surrounding the death of musician Michael Alinda also known as Ziggy Wine have taken a new twist, after a group of people claimed that he was injured in an accident, along the Kampala-Northern bypass, on July 21.

The four who have recorded statements with the police allegedly include persons who participated in Alinda’s rescue, treatment and recovery of items from the accident scene.

They include Loy Atworo, a nursery school teacher who was allegedly knocked by Alinda’s speeding motorcycle before it crashed. Atworo says she lost consciousness after the accident and only woke up while in Hospital. She says she is still nursing injuries.

The other person is Sarah Kobusingye, a resident of Kyebando who says she witnessed the accident as the rider struggled to avoid knocking the pedestrian. She says the motorcycle rider who happened to be the deceased musician was the first to be rushed to the clinic for treatment. He was bleeding from injuries on his head and face.

Kobusingye says she took part in transferring the injured to the hospital and wanted to report to Fire-base because the accident victim had dreadlocks but feared that members of the crew would attack them.

Another cyclist Meddy Wekesa, says he was at the stage along the Northern Bypass when he heard a bang signalling an occurrence of the accident. They rushed to find a man and a woman lying unconscious.

The fourth Person, Amos Turyamureeba says he transported Alinda to Mulago Hospital on the invitation of health workers at Hope Clinic in Kyebando and that he delivered him to Mulago Hospital at about 8:30 p.m. In Mulago, Alinda was reportedly admitted with chopped fingers, his eye had been plucked out and had visible burns all over his body.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga says that according to testimonies, Ziggy Wine was rushed for treatment at Hope Clinic in Kyebando after the accident, bruised, injured and burnt by the exhaust of his sports bike motorcycle registration number UDC 434W which was found to have landed on him inside the ditch.

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Alinda, 29, an artist, IT technician and Social Media Blogger, was pronounced dead on Sunday night at Mulago Hospital.

Enanga says it was wrong for the relatives to conceal the true picture and the circumstances surrounding the injuries of the late music artiste. He adds that the matter is being investigated by Kira Road police, where officers are now working to corroborate the new version of events with evidence on circumstances surrounding his death.

Police say Fire Base singer Ziggy Wine died of accident injuries. Read full police statement on Ziggy Wine’s death:

This is to inform the public, that the task teams, actively investigating circumstances surrounding the death of local musician Michael Alinda aka Ziggy Wine, managed to get a breakthrough, in efforts to solve the speculation over his death. A detailed account of his timelines, were traced to an accident which occurred, along the northern bypass as follows;

That on the 21/07/2019, at around 7:30 pm, a speeding Honda Sports motorcycle, that was heading in the direction of Kyebando round about, from Kalerwe side, suddenly cut into the opposite lane, towards Kyebando-Kisalasalo, where it knocked, a female victim, identified as Atworo Loy, a 24 year old, nursery teacher, who was returning to her home in Mulimira Zone. The female victim sustained very serious injuries. While the rider of the motorcycle upon knocking her, crashed into the roadside trench, landing on his head. His motorcycle reportedly fell on himinflicting more injuries on him.

Both victims were picked by good Samaritans, who rushed them to Hope Clinic, located in Kyebando, where they were given First Aid, by Kule Simon Aheebwa, a 24 year old enrolled nurse.

The female victim was later traced by her relatives, Adongo Polly and Otim James, who immediately transferred her to Kamwokya Christian Caring Community Clinic, for further treatment. The male victim, who suffered serious injuries, had no identification documents on him or mobile phone and remained unknown, at this stage .He was bleeding from the nose, forehead and also had severe injuries to two of his fingers. The victim was not putting on his helmet and had no protective gear.

The medical attendant consulted, his superior and proprietor, Dr Golooba Kuraish, who advised for the immediate transfer of the victim, to Mulago National Referral Hospital. He was transferred on a boda boda, by Turyamureba Amos (the rider) and Kimbowa David, a staff at Hope Clinic, at around 0830/C. Mr. Kimbowa David, handed over the victim, at the Casualty Ward in Mulago, where he was admitted that very evening. His inpatient admission number, was established as 471567/2019, where he was indicated as an unknown victim of accident.

The victim was later traced at Mulago National Referral Hospital, by his relatives, who identified him as Michael Alinda. And on the 27/07/2019, they caused for his removal from Mulago Hospital due to his deteriorating condition, and transferred him to Nsambya Hospital, where he was admitted till the 30/07/2019. On that very day, he was again referred and transferred to the Neurological Department, at Mulago National Referral Hospital. He was given a patient number 1679/2019 and re-admitted, till the 4/08/2019, when he succumbed to the accident injuries.

The victim was examined on postmortem, in the presence of his relatives, Mbaine and Tumwebaze Hilda, his wife. His body was thereafter, handed over to the relatives.

We would like to further inform the public that the exhibits of a sports motorcycle, Honda, with dents on the right side of the fuel tank and other areas; a sports helmet, a pair of shoes which flew off his leg due to shock, registration number plate UDC 434W and a motorcycle seat which also flew off, were all recovered and exhibited.

The public should note that there are no suspects being sought at this stage, since there was no motive to his death. We are now classifying his death, as a fatal road accident. We do commend our task teams from KMP North and Kiira Road Division, for their concerted and coordinated efforts in establishing these facts.

We want to caution the public that concealing information is so damaging, as it gives opportunity to selected parties, to take advantage of such tragic situations. In this instance, we urge all political actors who are using this incident for political leverage and propaganda, to refrain from doing so.

May the soul of Michael Alinda aka Ziggy Wine rest in eternal peace.

CP Fred Enanga

Press and Public Relations Officer

Uganda Police Force.