Museveni’s social media presence excites public

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President Museveni

Kampala, Uganda | URN | President Yoweri Museveni has in the past one week been active on social media.

The President through his Facebook Page Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been responding to comments from his followers.

On Monday 26th, a picture emerged on social media of President Museveni who was flying to Yokohama, Japan to attend the seventh edition of the Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD) summit, responding to questions on his laptop.

In his Facebook post of 6,292 words, Museveni applauds a number of people who he refers to as the Bazzukulu (grandchildren) and responds to several demands and criticism about his government.

In the posts, Museveni also directs some of the government officials including State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, State House Anti-corruption Unit, Lt Col Edith Nakalema, Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng and Finance Minister Matia Kasaija to respond to some of the concerns from his followers.

While responding to a one social media user Mwaka Simon Peter who in his comment thought the President would not have time to answer all those questions, Museveni acknowledged being “hard-pressed for time” but insisted he could not ignore people’s concerns on social media.

“…I have now resolved not only to work through emissaries (MPs, Chairmen, Councillors etc), but to also use all direct channels to the population. Social media addresses those with smartphones who are 8 million in number. Thanks for joining me for 2021,” President Museveni said.

President Museveni explains why he is not about to retire from active politics, explains why the Bombo beef project has stalled, and advocates for young people’s improved welfare through engaging in small scale enterprises in the four sectors of agriculture, ICTs, industries commercial and service sectors.

In another Facebook post by Henry K. Otafiire, he says that the symbolism of the photo of the Museveni speaks volume to his craftsmanship.

“A sagging and a loose tie, unkempt face, 4 acres’ oversize shirt, a room-sized laptop considered not so fashionable credentials of a cool President by all standards,” Otafiire writes.

Adding that; “Unlike Slim Shady with his sleek suits, President M7 keeps it real and original. He has understood the art of pulling off master-stroke PR stunts without much difficulty and polishing.”

Ron Azinga also on Facebook writes; “You are indeed an amazing leader! I like the way you take the time to read each and every one of our messages and reply accordingly. It will be an honour for my next batch of pupils to have a meeting with you. Thank you very much in advance.”

Katabs Andrew commenting on Museveni’s response to Bazzukulu said; “At this rate Mr President we shall start asking for your WhatsApp number Lol Since there is a price to pay when seeking for your appointment.”

Elizabeth Acomo also commented; “This is good, it’s really beautiful to see our president blend with the youth this way, at least with reduced bureaucracy of information sharing between H.E and youth, we believe matters of great concerns will always be addressed by our president.”

Muvunyi Gerard advises that the president summarizes his post to be read by many.

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“You seem you dint sleep!! My advice is that this post is very long next time please summarize it a bit so we can read quickly remember Bazukulu are busy seeking money to eat a day. Few will read all these reply from you. However, I thank you,” Muvunyi said.

Michael Kazibwe says; “This kind of engagement has caught my eye. I believe even those who can’t directly access the president can air out their views. Mr President can you highlight on the issue of taxis in Kampala. KCCA [Kampala Capital City Authority] has totally failed to control traffic in Kampala.”

Ada Haki also says; “Since you tagged me in your post, my blood circulation has improved and I feel blessed. I am now going to fully support you. But can you now give me two (2) cattle to start my farm or some small money as capital to Start business [because] I am a poor boy from a poor family thanks in advance.”

Francis Francisco Vieta Senkooto says “Huh!! I would feel #big if my name I listed & probably change my mind to like & vote for the 7! Huh!!! Social media youth Penetration! Nice strategy! Hope to meet in person, cash in to spread more Gospel!”

Mariam Mohammed (@MariamM74220796) wrote “Eeeeh… I personally still can’t believe it’s the President @KagutaMuseveni replying to the bazukulu. But if it’s really thanks big man for sparing some time to interact with the bazukulu…”