Suspected African swine fever outbreak reported in Rubanda

Suspected African Swine Fever outbreak reported in Rubanda
African swine fever virus is a contagious viral disease impacting only pigs, not people, so it is not a public health threat or food safety concern

Rubanda, Uganda | URN | Suspected African Swine Fever outbreak has been reported in Rubanda district. The disease has been reported in Nyamweru, Hamurwa and Bubaare sub-counties.

According to Joanita Kobugabe, Rubanda District Information Officer, about 53 pigs have died in Igomanda parish, Nyamwweru Sub County last weekend.

Cosma Twesigwome, Rubanda District Agriculture Officer says that many pigs in the affected sub-counties have been observed with African swine fever-like symptoms.

Twesigwome says that some of the symptoms include; High fever, depression and loss of appetite, reddening) of the skin, particularly ears and snout, Vomiting and diarrhoea.

Twesigwome says that samples from the carcasses and infected pigs have been sent to the animal laboratory Centre in Mbarara branch for investigations.

Twesigwome also says that they have also resolved to impose quarantine against the sale, consumption and movement of pigs.

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African swine fever is a highly contagious viral disease characterized by fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and exhaustion in pigs.

The disease is a highly infectious and infected pigs must be slaughtered and their carcasses buried or incinerated. The disease was last month reported in Ibanda district but was later contained.