Mugisha Muntu most principled politician – Attorney General

Mugisha Muntu most principled politician – Attorney General
Gen. Mugisha Muntu

Kampala, Uganda | URN | The Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana has hailed Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu, the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) leader for being the most principled politician in Uganda today.

Rukutana says General Muntu is not a double standard politician who speaks the truth as it is. He says Muntu is striving for an equitable, poverty-free Uganda with less freedom for every citizen which the NRM is striving to put in place.

Transcript; “I want to thank General Mugisha Muntu. I have thanked him already for the struggle he participated in. For the politics of today, he is the only politician I know that is principled [applause. He doesn’t double deal, he doesn’t openly fight current government, he speaks about things that did not make him happy with the current system and that is why he chose another path” “Our major work as government now is to win him back to the side of government and show him that whatever he doesn’t agree with now can change and I know we shall do it and we are trying to do it. General Mugisha Muntu wants peace and freedom for this country and for us in the NRM that is our daily commitment, so if these are there, why should he be out?,” Rukutana asked.

According to Rukutana, General Muntu is a force that the ruling National Resistance movement (NRM) envies and wishes to have back.

Rukutana was presiding as the Chief Guest at the Ntungamo Development Forum, a WhatsApp forum uniting people from Ntungamo District at La Jolla Gardens in Kisaasi. More than 500 people attended.

“Gen. Mugisha Muntu and other liberators including the head of state Gen. Kaguta Museveni did a tremendous thing. There was a time when someone from UPC, DP, Kabaka Yekka would not come like here and sit together. Do you remember that time? So Gen. Mugisha Muntu thank you very very much,” said Rukutana.

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Adding that; “That is why you see those who belong to FDC are here, those from Alliance are here, those of People Power are here and us majority from NRM are here all happy. Isn’t this the freedom and peace that we fought for? Isn’t it this peace the Gen. Muntu and others fought for?.”

Rukutana who has been in parliament for 23 years is an area member of Parliament for Rushenyi County in the South Western Uganda district of Ntungamo, said Mugisha Muntu still has the country at heart, having participated in the during the Bush War (Uganda’s liberation struggle) in which they catapulted into government through people-power in 1986.