All Day’ By Girl Talk

We Ugandans are used to getting our music for free but it is not really legal. Now you can download one of the best albums of 2010 for free and completely legally! Released in November, the album

“All Day” is the fifth work of musical genius by mashup artist Gregg Gillis who performs under the name “Girl Talk”. It consists of samples of songs by various artists overlapping each other – 373 samples to be exact.

Music by Cyndi Lauper, Ludacris, Rihanna and Chamillionaire, accompanied with hard core rap beats mixed with Michael Jackson beats is an example of the fusion that takes place in this masterpiece of an album. The choice of songs draw across all genres, so whatever your music style – be it rock, hip-hop or the good ol’ 80′s – you will find it in this album.

If you’re alone, you will find it educationally entertaining as you recognize famous songs and artists.

If you’re having a party, try putting aside the hired DJ and letting All Day rule. With twelve tracks running over 71 minutes, its contents are highly danceable and it can go on forever.

The album can be downloaded free of charge on the Internet at

By Lindsey Kukunda