A quirky Q and A with Maurice Kirya

Maurice Kirya, Ugandan musician and actor
Maurice Kirya, Ugandan musician and actor.

KD: If you could be a woman for 24 hours, how would you do your hair and why?

I would have a healthy looking natural hair-style, no hair piece. Then again that’s just me. I would feel honest with myself.

KD: What’s the most beautiful thing about humanity?

Conscience and free will!

KD: If you could hear your favorite food, what song/instrument would it be?

A trumpet. If I ever lose my appetite-play Chris Botti .

KD: (For you ignoramuses, Chris Botti is an American trumpeter and composer)

Tell us about a childhood accident/scar. Everyone has one of those!

Let’s just say I had a little misunderstanding with a sheep. Things got out of hand, a little physical… It’s on the right side of my head.

KD: What is your philosophy on life?

Live it fully and in honesty. A second one is not guaranteed!

KD: What political ideology do you subscribe to?

Every one of age should vote! (Laughs)

But that’s just the idea. The polling station results always prove us wrong.

KD: What’s the most embarrassing situation you’ve ever been in?

I can’t think of one right now, sorry! I hope I’m not embarrassing myself here!

KD: (Well, there is that accident with the sheep…)

Who do you think are the most influential man and woman in the world today?

Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey

KD: What’s your favorite book and movie?

My favorite book isMarley and mebecause bits of it remind me and warn me of myself. My best movie isDance Flick-it’s just too damn funny.

KD: Tell us about the best experience you’ve had in your musical career.

Being able to perform all over the world promoting my country and also being able to put on one of the most successful concerts in Kampala in terms of execution without a single sponsor- ‘KiryaLive2011′

KD: (We are impressed)

If you were an insect, what insect would you be?

A fire ant. I would love to bite all those people that pee on the road side and make my city stink! (Laughs)

KD: (Laughing)

You have some good songs about love. Is there anybody you hate in this world?

I am uncomfortable with certain irritating people but I cannot say that I hate anyone

KD: (You’re a better man than some of us)

While we’re on the subject of hate, what habit(s) irritate you the most in people?

Poor time keepers. I hate it when people are late.

KD: (Welcome to Uganda)

What do you love the most about Uganda?

I would need a full page for that, but I like that people are friendly with everyone. That’s if you do not choose to discuss religion and politics! (Laughs)

KD: If you had the chance to live in any other country, which country would that be?

Cape Verde. The people and the weather are sooo soothing and yet vibrant.

KD: (You’ve been? Eh mama)

Please give your fans reading this an inspirational quote.

If you had to be remembered, would you want the people to remember the lie about who you really were?

KD: (That’s deep. Thanks, Maurice!)

By Lindsey Kukunda