Book Review – Abundance Mentality

Abundance Mentality by Pius Bigirimana

Pius Bigirimana, Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister, has risen in his career like a banana tuber in a fertile plantation. And his recently-released autobiography, shows that any young Ugandan can do it too.

In describing his journey from a skinny-legged little boy impressed by a bicycle, to the most senior position in Uganda’s civil service, Pius Bigirimana seems to be saying that like him, our country too can grow into destined greatness.

Pius Bigirimana encourages in others the same value for service and love of one’s country that is clear in every chapter of this book.

With the diplomacy that only someone of his stature can muster, he states any criticisms he may have as suggestions for improving the caliber of the Ugandan civil service.

Pius Bigirimana has served his country both through his job and as philanthropist, and there is a road, a school and a health centre that can attest to this.

Love for one’s country and a belief in duty are strong characteristics many people think are lacking in Uganda’s public service sector. I would recommend this book without hesitation to fulfill the dearth of Ugandan-authored inspirational books in any young Ugandan’s life.

Perhaps it should also be made mandatory reading for young people entering public service.