Movie Review – The Hangover Part II

If you choose to watch a Todd Phillips movie, you must be prepared to be disgusted and offended. Why? Because that of course is where the humour lies. This is the case for Phillip’s latest flick “Hangover Part II” which recently opened at Cineplex.

The movie follows the boys to Bangkok, Thailand where Stu (Ed Helms) is planning on marrying his hot Thai fiancée Lauren (Jamie Chung). He is again joined by ladies’ man Phil (Bradley Cooper) and out-of-this-world crazy Alan (Zach Galifianakis).

After the shenanigans they experienced in their last trip together to Las Vegas, the trio, joined by Lauren’s 16-year old brother Teddy (Mason Lee), decide to have a slow night and drink just one beer on the beach. The next thing they know, they wake up in a sleazy Bangkok hotel and Teddy is missing.

Like in the first film, “The Hangover” (2009), none of the guys remember anything and are forced to search for Teddy through the fog of the night before (no he is not on the roof).

Accompanied by a mute Buddhist monk and a chain-smoking monkey, the trio head out into the underside of the Thai metropolis where they are shot at, chased and almost arrested. Will the boys find Teddy and make it back in time for Stu’s wedding?

Literally the most offensive and ridiculous movie to ever achieve a worldwide release, “The Hangover Part II” also managed to have its conservative Ugandan audience laughing their heads off.