Government seeks parliament approval of Kigumba Petroleum Institute

Government moved a motion on seeking parliamentary approval for the establishment of a  fully pledged petroleum school – the Petroleum Institute Kigumba.

Winfred Kiiza, the opposition chief whip and Christine Baku, the MP for Arua District however noted that the proposals were defective.

The papers bore the name of Namirembe Bitamazire, the former minister of Education. The current minister of education is Jessica Alupo. But the Speaker of Parliament overruled the matter.

Alupo moved on to explain the objective of the school. The institute will  train and conduct courses, seminars and workshops and to create public awareness of the petroleum sector.

The institute will provide diploma and pre-diploma courses of study and the fields of petroleum and chemical engineering, International petroleum business management and petroleum geophysics and geosciences.

Lulume Bayiga,  wondered  why government brought the motion, when the institute is already operating.

Sam Lyomoki said parliament needs public opinion to determine whether or not the institute should be established . He suggested that the matter be referred to committee for further scrutiny.

The speaker later deferred the debate to allow time for him to look at the question of law under which the motion was brought to parliament.